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Kalyankendra : Silks & Sarees | History
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At Kalyan Kendra, we quite aptly reflect the spectacular melange of motherland India. Since 100 years

Kalyan Kendra has the distinction of being the only silk saree showroom in North Kerala with a legacy that dates back one hundred years. In fact, it was Kalyan Kendra which regenerated great selection for pure silk sarees in Kerala at a time when shoppers in Kerala preferred to go to Coimbatore, Chennai or Bangalore, because these cities offered better quality and a wider range of saris.

In 1996, Kalyan Kendra won more acclaim by winning the Weaver’s Award for the best silk saree showroom. With this honour, Kalyan Kendra has consistently come to be regarded as one of the best showrooms in India. Apart from its status as an exclusive saree showroom, Kalyan Kendra is also noted for its extensive salwar collection and men’s wear range.

One of Kalyan Kendra’s numerous advantages is that it enjoys a deep rooted and sound business relationship with traditional weavers, enabling them to sell even rare designs at reasonable prices. The Managing Director, Arshad Abdullah is deeply committed to ensuring that Kalyan Kendra’s reputation for excellence is maintained-by travelling to various places in India to source the best for Kalyan Kendra.

Kalyan Kendra is equally active in other realms. The most well known of these is its school, Vidya Kendra which conforms to international standards and truly strives to be “a school with a difference”. Kalyan Kendra also has a charitable venture which benefits the underprivileged, The showroom is now focusing on a green campaign which includes planting trees.